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What is our famous 3 Pillar Learning Strategy?

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Learn the methods that will finally allow you to transform your accent, from misunderstood to native

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Discover the long-lasting techniques, strategies and secrets of finally speaking with perfect grammar

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Eliminate your fear of saying the wrong thing and start feeling comfortable talking about the things that really inspire you

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Prina Nitinansakul

"I am so grateful you were my teacher. As being a student, many teachers, and educators will pass through our lives without remembrance. Yet, a special few will leave a lasting impression. Thank you for being one of the special teachers who will live on forever in the minds and hearts. In fact, If there were a Nobel Prize for Best Teacher, I am sure you would get it! Thank you for being such an amazing and supportive teacher throughout my assignments and my learning throughout the course in IB. Thank you very much for spending your valuable time teaching me. In terms of writing an essay, creative assessment writing, reflective statement, and checking grammar, it was really helpful by having sessions, which I have also improved myself that last time, especially my scores of each assessment have improved after having classes with you, teacher Marty. Again, thank you very much for everything and i hope to have a continuing class session with you."

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Christine Liew

"Always learned a lot from Marty. Thank you for wonderful ideas and sharing on discipline and motivation. I enjoyed the conversation and looking forward for the next lesson."

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Daniel Polisel

"When I started taking classes with Marty, I confess that I was worried, because she speaks English very well, has a great pronunciation, and looked like to be very strict. I was afraid of not being on an English level enough to be her student, but after some classes I realized that she understands my difficulties and mistakes and is a nice person. Today I feel very comfortable in class and I am learning a lot."

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"It was a pleasure talking to her as always. She has been helping me improve my English level quickly."

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Galina Anufrieva

"I really like lessons with Marty! She is pretty and smiling person. She can explain each rule in easy way. Marty is understanding, patient. Hardly could I dream about another coach!"

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"It's been a year since I started learning English with Marty. I can confidently say that she is a great teacher. Thanks to her methods and tips, I've made visible progress with my skills. She gives feedback and corrects mistakes in a kindly manner. Every class with her is remarkably valuable and beneficial. She is warm and enthusiastic from the first to the last minute, and available in the course of the week if I have questions. Thank you a lot :)"

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Meet Marty, who’s dedicating her life to helping people all around the world become the best versions of themselves.  

Her devoted experience in teaching, coaching and mentoring has helped hundreds of students reach their goals.